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Chess grandmaster Anish Giri (16 yrs old) plays chess simul for Renuka Nepal foundation

Anish Giri played a charity chess simul on may 21 for Renuka Nepal Foundaition. Young and old contenders tried to beat him but within less than 2 hours Anish managed to win all his games. Read more...

New development Satrasaya

In the first half of 2010 we rebuild the existing daycare in Satrasaya. The existing walls were irregular, resulting in rats which are eating the drawings and the hand-crafts of the children. Montessori teaching actually needs more space, so that teaching materials can be brought and much more can be done by motivating the children in a creative way. The rebuilding of the daycare provides an enormous improvement.

Montessori training

Basanta Aryal, one of the local inhabitants of Yanchok, has proven himself a born teacher and trainer. Since september 2009 he has been following Motessori lessons in Pokhara. After receiving his certificate, he shall commence in training the teachers in Yanchok and Satrasaya. During a period of three months he will train the teachers in the presence of the children for two hours in the morning, and train the teachers the Montessori “learn by play” system for two hours at night. Some pictures of the montesorri teaching at the day-care can be viewed here.

Newly built daycare Yanchok completed!

After three months of hard labour together, the new daycare was completed, which was celebrated by a festive opening. Almost the entire village was present and extremely proud of “their new daycare” and the relentless effort Foundation Renuka Nepal had put into this project. The children peeped into the building and were overjoyed to receive a cuddly toy each. In our newsletters we shall keep you updated about the progression the children of Yanchok are making. Our gratitude goes out to all supporters of Foundation Renuka Nepal for their contribution.

Uniting People

Uniting people has selected Foundation Renuka Nepal as one of the three organisations for support this year to help accomplish their projects.This is fantastic free publicity for us and hopefully will lead to extra sponsorship to help us achieve our goals. Through this link you can view our project on the site of Uniting People.