Welcome to the website of Renuka Nepal Foundation!

The Renuka Nepal Foundation is a voluntary organisation which is active in Nepal. The word “Renuka” means “morning sun” in Nepali, which is exactly what we thrive to be for the people in Nepal.

people of YanchokOur objectives

Our main objective is to provide daycare/education for children between the ages of 2-5 years from underprivileged families. The daycare provides a safe surrounding where the children can develop themselves in a playfull and carefree manner and also learn social skills. Which in term creates a better future. By working closely together with the local mother groups, a broad social basis is starting to exist and as a result the projects have a bigger chance of becoming succesfull.

How to support us

By becoming a sponsor, you can help us to achieve and realise our goals. Every financial support is most welcome, thus ensuring 100% direct channeling to the projects! You can transfer your donation to banknumber 104775610 in the name of Stichting Renuka Nepal Petten. Thank you so much for your support!

Besides donations, there are various ways of supporting us, for example by telling family, friends, relatives and colleagues about our projects.

Latest news

the water flows!

"Irrigation project Yanchok a big success!

Renuka Nepal Foundation has realised a drinking water and irrigation project for the village of Yanchok in 2012. It was an ambitious plan, but we did it! The project will definitely provide a better future for all inhabitants of Yanchok. You can see pictures of the realisation and all the hard labour over here .

You can also support this project! We invite you to participate and interact with ideas and suggestions of finding sponsors to help raise funds to finance the last part of the project. You can read more about the Yanchok water project here.

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